tmux – screen like terminal multiplexer

I used screen for a while now and really liked it, but I could never remember how to use the split screen windows, so I just kept using the simplest screen commands.

– create, close window
– switch windows
– detach and reattach

But then Derek told me about tmux. I tried it with this YouTube Howto Video:

How to use tmux (the terminal multiplexer)

It’s really easy and with this short .tmux.conf that Derek sent to me, the basic controls are even similar to screen.

# Make it use C-a, similar to screen..
unbind C-b
unbind l
set -g prefix C-a
bind-key C-a last-window

So, here the basic commands and what they do!

C-a - basic prefix for commands
C-a c - create new normal window
C-a " - create new split screen window
C-a SPACE - change split screen layout
C-a ARROWKEYS - switch between the split screens
C-a C-a - switch between normal windows, NOT the split screens
C-a 0-9 - switch to the specific window, NOT the split screens
C-a q - show the number of the split screens in the active window
C-a d - detach active tmux session

Show all active tmux sessions

tmux list-sessions
0: 2 windows (created Mon Nov  7 09:58:42 2011) [177x52]
1: 2 windows (created Mon Nov  7 13:16:07 2011) [177x52]

Re-attach to a specific tmux session

tmux attach -t 0

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