Weird reboot problem

The server I set up yesterday had a another weird problem. If you want to reboot the server after working several hours, the server just hangs and doesn’t shutdown properly. So today I took a closer look and now problem is gone but I’m not quite sure what was wrong.

I disabled some Bios options and in the end I plugged of the monitor. It’s really weird, because the reboot works properly if you turn the server on and reboot it right after it’s completely booted. If you work for some hours and try to reboot it then, it won’t work.

I also removed the grub boot options “rhgb” and “quiet” in the kernel line, that removes the splashscreen from the boot process, to see what’s going on.

Anyway, I’m glad the problem is gone.

There is also a forum entry where the problem sounds similar to mine:

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