HOWTO install icinga-web 1.5.2 on CentOS 6.0

After you installed icinga, you might want to install the new Web UI as well. As far as I know, there are no RPM packages for icinga-web available in the common repositories (for me these are the defaults + rpmforge + epel: Use it at your own risk, for more information about the repositories read: CentOS Wiki), but I didn’t really search for it, so maybe I just missed it. Feel free to post comments.

Install icinga-web 1.5.2 on CentOS 6.0

cd /usr/local/src/
tar -zxf icinga-web-1.5.2.tar.gz
yum install php php-cli php-pear php-xmlrpc php-xsl php-pdo php-gd php-ldap php-mysql

./configure --prefix=/usr/local/icinga-web --with-web-user=apache --with-web-group=apache --with-web-path=/icinga-web --with-web-apache-path=/etc/httpd/conf.d --with-db-type=mysql --with-db-host=localhost --with-db-port=3306 --with-db-name=icinga_web --with-db-user=icinga_web --with-db-pass=icinga_web --with-conf-folder=etc/conf.d --with-log-folder=log

make install

make testdeps

You don’t have to use this “configure” command with all these options, but it’s nice to have, easy to understand and easily customizable, see a list of all options with

./configure --help

create MySQL user and database:

#> mysql -u root -p
 mysql> CREATE DATABASE icinga_web;
 GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'icinga_web'@'localhost'
   IDENTIFIED BY 'icinga_web'
   ON icinga_web.* TO 'icinga_web'@'localhost';

Import the database scheme with the following command! Answer the question with “y” if you used the correct database credentials in the “configure” statement already. Otherwise choose “n” and type in the correct data manually.

make db-initialize
cp /usr/local/src/icinga-web-1.5.2/etc/apache2/icinga-web.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/
service httpd restart

If you want to change the database connection data later, edit the file


Caution! Now you have two databases, “icinga” the first one, is for all the monitored data. The second one is for the new Web UI _only_! In the “database.xml” you have to configure BOTH!

If the Web UI is still not working, see the logfiles!


If you still don’t have any clue why it’s not working check the icinga-web test wiki

Try to login at http://localhost/icinga-web

user/password root/password

Source: icinga Documentation – icinga web from scratch

Stay tuned for more tutorials soon!

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Thanks for the guide, should we add that to ?

furthermore, some things to add

* there is no icinga-web rpm yet, that’s true. but the shipped icinga-web.spec within the tarball allows you to build your own rpms. beware that this is still work-in-progress – so if you happen to have proposals please open a new issue on in the web section.

* the mention of the logfiles is partly correct. if the web is really not working, there are various log locations to be looked into. best is to follow those instructions, it also contains some hints on data backend verification:


Feel free to add it. =)

1. sounds complicated, i’m pretty new on using CentOS, but I will try it sometime. (on the next server where I have to do the setup, that will be soon)

2. I checked the help page in the wiki before but it didn’t really helped me out, but now, after I fixed the problem I can see why the wiki page is good to know.

I will rewrite that last part.


Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your nice Blogpost, i have never tried icinga on centos before. Perhaps i will try it out.

I hope you write this tutorial in german language too 🙂



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