[UPDATED] HOWTO install NagVis 1.6.2 for icinga 1.5.1

// UPDATED on 2011/12/13: Changed from NagVis 1.6rc4 to 1.6 final
// UPDATED on 2011/12/19: Changed from NagVis 1.6 to 1.6.1
// UPDATED on 2011/12/20: Corrected path for variable “htmlcgi”
// UPDATED on 2011/12/28: Changed from NagVis 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 / Added Update Info

This Howto should work for Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/RedHat/SuSe! Just remember, you maybe have to change the webserver user and group or the icinga path!

Website: http://www.nagvis.org/

wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/nagvis/files/NagVis%201.6/nagvis-1.6.2.tar.gz/download

Install dependencies and start install script

yum install rsync graphviz
tar -zxf nagvis-1.6.2.tar.gz
cd nagvis-1.6.2

Now answer the questions in the script, the first answer can be different! Depending on your system and either installed from source or from package!

Please enter the path to the nagios base directory [/usr/local/nagios]: /usr/share/icinga

Please enter the path to NagVis base [/usr/local/nagvis]:

Do you want to use backend mklivestatus? [y]: n
Do you want to use backend ndo2db? [n]: n
Do you want to use backend ido2db? [n]: y
Do you want to use backend merlinmy? [n]: n

Don’t care about

IDO Module ido2db (ido2db) ... MISSING

Next steps!

Please enter the web path to NagVis [/nagvis]:
Please enter the name of the web-server user [apache]:
Please enter the name of the web-server group [apache]:
create Apache config file [y]:

Do you really want to continue? [y]:

For later update/upgrade you may use this command to have a faster update:
./install.sh -n /usr/share/icinga -p /usr/local/nagvis -b ido2db -u apache -g apache -w /etc/httpd/conf.d -a y

Change the config similar to the pasted one.

vim /usr/local/nagvis/etc/nagvis.ini.php

ab Zeile 314

; hostname for NDO-db
; portname for NDO-db
; database name for NDO-db
; username for NDO-db
; password for NDO-db
; prefix for tables in NDO-db
; instance name for tables in NDO-db
; maximum delay of the NDO Database in seconds
; path to the cgi-bin of this backend

Login at http://localhost/nagvis with user/password = admin

Update your install

./install.sh -n /usr/share/icinga -p /usr/local/nagvis -b ido2db -u apache -g apache -w /etc/httpd/conf.d -a y

Follow the Install routine again, all the options should be fine
Delete the demo config files

rm -f /usr/local/nagvis/etc/maps/demo-*.cfg
rm -f /usr/local/nagvis/etc/automaps/demo-*.cfg

Check if it works as expected, if yes you can delete the backup files

rm -f /etc/httpd/conf.d/nagvis.conf.20*
rm -Rf /usr/local/nagvis.old*


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