Christmas Dinner

I had an awesome Christmas Dinner with Yeonsu, Aurelia, Carlos and Luis on December, 24th. We started the day “early” to buy all the things we need for the dinner. We planned to make “Pork Filet – Toskana style”

the recipe was quite easy so I will write it down shortly. For 5 persons we had:

  • 1kg of noodles
  • 500ml cream half&half
  • 1.5kg of pork fillet (it was too much, but no smaller packages available)
  • 1 package of bacon ( around 20 stripes)
  • ~10 tomatoes
  • 500g of tomato paste
  • 1/2 of a big onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 packages of Mozzarella ( around 250g each?)
  • italien herbs / salt / pepper / paprika

HOWTO prepare:

Dice the tomatoes and the onions in small pieces and fill them in a casserole. Cut the cloves of garlic in as small pieces as possible and put them in the casserole, also. Fill about 500ml of the cream in the casserole and mix it with the tomatoes, onions and garlic. Add the herbs and taste it and add more herbs if needed =) We didn’t have a Italian herbs mix, so we just used Oregano.

Cut the meat in pieces of not more than 3cm on any side. Take a slice of Mozzarella (~0.5cm thick) put it in top of a piece of meat and roll both together in on stripe of bacon. Do the same for all the pieces and put them in the casserole. Check that everything is covered with the sauce.

Now we put it in the oven. We tried it for 1h at 175°C but it wasn’t enough, but maybe it’s just because of this crappy oven. it needed at least more 30 minutes at 300°C until the meat was perfectly. If you have a good oven 175-200°C for one hour should be enough, but always take one of the pieces out and cut it, to see if it’s perfect.

Don’t forget to cook the noodles while you are waiting for the meat to get done.

Now some pictures of the evening.

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war es auch!!

and we had so much fun!

You know If we had used all the onions the meat would no longer fit into the casserole 😛

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